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Notice of Strengthening the COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention and Control Work
Time:2022-02-08 Hit::527 times

Dear visitors, 
  At present, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Guangxi is severe and complex. According to the relevant requirements of Guangxi epidemic prevention and control documents, in order to strictly, realistically and quickly implement various epidemic prevention and control measures, comprehensively strengthen the safety defense line, and effectively ensure the health and life safety of the visitors, the relevant matters are hereby notified as follows: 
  Firstly, strictly implement the requirements of "limited number, reservation and peak shifting", the number of visitors to the museum is 3000 per day, and visitors should enter the museum through the WeChat official account of it to visit in staggered access. 
  Secondly, after the successful reservation, the visitors should enter the museum on time with the reservation code within the reservation period, cooperate with the staff to measure the body temperature, and take the initiative to show the health code, travel route code and COVID-19 vaccination record. Only those with green health code and travel route code can enter the museum. 
  Thirdly, visitors with abnormal body temperature (≥ 37.3 ℃) or abnormal conditions such as cough and asthma, or who have travelled places of medium and high-risk areas or places where the local epidemic occurs in the past 14 days, are not allowed to enter the museum.  
  Fourthly, please wear masks during the whole process of queuing and visiting, keep a social distance of more than one meter from others, and do not get together. Each exhibition hall will implement visitor flow control measures according to the flow of people. Please wait patiently. In case of emergency, obey the command of the staff. 
  Fifthly, minors, the elderly without smart devices and overseas tourists with passports (entry-exit passes) who cannot make online real-name reservations, please cooperate with the staff on site to register relevant personal information before entering the museum. 
  Sixthly, the manual explanation service will be suspended and the recovery time will be notified separately. You can visit the official website for exhibition and collection information. 
  The museum will continue to do well in the prevention and control of epidemic situation and would dynamically adjust the visiting measures according to the development and requirements of the epidemic situation. Please focus on the latest news from its WeChat official account, website and Sina weibo account. 
  Thank you for your understanding and support! 

Anthropology Museum of Guangxi 
February 8, 2022 

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