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Field Investigation
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Historic Research Department Going to Pingxiang for Rock Art Survey
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  From Oct 26 to 29, 2021, under the support and guidance of Curator Liu Yuzhen and local villagers, the survey team of AMGX went to the five sites of rock art within Pingxiang (Lushan Mountain, Qiqin Mountain, Nongbu Mountain, Mao’er Cave and Rentou Mountain)
  From October 26 to 29, 2021, under the leadership and assistance of Liu Yuzhen, Curator of Pingxiang Museum and local villagers, Comrade Hu Pengcheng and his team members from the Ethnic History Research Department of the museum investigated five rock art sites in Pingxiang City, namely Lushan Mountain, Qiqin Mountain, Nongbu Mountain, Mao’er Cave and Rentou Mountain. The investigators recorded detailed picture information and collected geographic coordinate information for each rock art point, completed on-site photography, image size measurement and UAV aerial photography, and interviewed the production, life and customs of local villagers. 

  The survey was strongly supported by Pingxiang Museum and local villagers. First-hand data related to rock paintings were collected. Rock art such as human face, cat and text inscription were found for the first time, which enriched the types and contents of rock art in Guangxi and contributed to improving the construction of its database of Anthropology Museum of Guangxi. It is of great significance to carry out the next research work and interpret the local history and culture. 

(Text by Liao Jiepin)

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