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Field Investigation
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Diachronic Shooting Work of Baitang Chestnut Harvest Smoothly Promoted
Time:2021-10-09 Hit::2574 times

  On September 28, the researchers Liang Xiaoyan and Nong Meiliu went to Baitang village, Xialao Township, Tian'e County, Guangxi to continue to promote the shooting of "Baitang Serial Image Chronicles". 

  The "Baitang Serial Image Chronicles" file was opened in 2015. Taking Baitang, a Zhuang village, as a long-term field point, it diachronically tracked and photographed individual family group images inside and outside Baitang. Chestnut is the only agricultural economic source left after Baitang village completed reservoir resettlement in 2006. It plays an important role in local people's life and carries many common memories of two generations. During the National Day of 2016, Liang Xiaoyan and Nong Meiliu cooperated in the collection of chestnut in Baitang, showing the busy, tired and happy harvest season in the form of experiencing work. Five years later, great changes have taken place in the village, the expressway has been opened, the population loss is clearly visible, and the chestnut harvest also rises and falls with the change of the environment. The two cooperated again to explore diachronic shooting methods for the same theme and the same family, continue to promote the disciplinary significance of "image chronicles", and also help to expand the discussion on the implementation methods of rural revitalization.

(Text/Photo: Liang Xiaoyan) 

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