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Liang Xiaoyan Invited to Yunnan University for Ethnographic Film Screening & Exchange
Time:2021-11-02 Hit::1681 times

  On October 18, 2021, the ethnographic film screening and exchange activity hosted by Associate Professor Chen Xueli of Yunnan University was held in Kunming. Liang Xiaoyan, Associate Professor of Relics and Museology, was invited to show the work Baitang’s Spring Festival and exchange at the scene. 
  The screening and discussion focused on "how to make ethnographic films", suspended the attention to the shooting content, focused on exploring the creative ideas, ethics and follow-up functions of ethnographic films, and expanded the practical significance of "ethnographic films as a method". Liang Xiaoyan proposed that the creators of ethnographic films should always reflect on themselves. The film is not the end or the purpose, but needs to cooperate with the photographed to jointly practice the process of how to return to and re-enter the community. The students at Yunnan University were very active in the discussion. They spent 1.5 hours in the exchange, recording nearly 20,000 words, and published them in two journals in the official account of "Video and Audio Files" hosted by Associate Professor Chen Xueli. 
(Text: Liang Xiaoyan; Photo: Lu Juntang)

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