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Liang Xiaoyan Joining the Yunnan Honghe Civil Affairs Project and Completing the Image Teaching Curriculum Design
Time:2021-11-02 Hit::1393 times

  At the invitation of Yunnan Rural Eye Local Culture Research Center, Liang Xiaoyan, Associate Professor of Relics and Museology, signed the project of "Building Special Humanistic In-depth Tourism Industry of Hani Villages by means of Cultural Empowerment", and was responsible for completing the module of "Ethnic Cultural Image Investigation and Recording Method Based on the Theory of Visual Anthropology".  
  From October 19 to 28, Liang Xiaoyan went with the project team to Chelongzhong Village, Puchun Village, A’zahe Township, Honghe County, Honghe Prefecture, Yunnan Province to carry out investigation work. During the investigation, Liang Xiaoyan watched more than 30 ethnographic films made by local Hani cultural worker teacher Che Zhixiong, which were divided into six categories according to the content: diet, production and labor, music and dance, ritual belief, handicrafts and interview dictation. She combed them in detail, refined the knowledge points of cultural matters, paid re-interviews and confirmed information, and wrote image teaching design. During the course design, she was committed to changing the viewing habits and shooting skills under the influence of mass media, refining the image characteristics of villagers represented by Che Zhixiong's images, and realizing cognitive education and transformation in cultural output.
(Text: Liang Xiaoyan; Photo: Liang Xiaoyan, Che Zhixiong, Chen Lin, Li Xinran) 

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