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Field Investigation
Field Investigation
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Researchers to Baise for Field Investigation
Time:2021-06-29 Hit::2473 times

  In order to understand the cultural words of Zhuang ethnic group in detail and enrich the relevant materials of the research project, the research group went to Napo County and Jingxi City of Baise from June 22 to 26, 2021. 
  The first stop of the investigation team is Napo County. Firstly, they went to the Napo Black-clothes Zhuang Eco-museum in Dawen village, Gonghe village, Longhe Town, Napo County. In the Eco-museum, pictures and objects are used to describe Black-clothes Zhuang's mountain sentiment, living and working, daily life, as well as their clothing charm and etiquette customs. Each photo is a true portrayal of their culture and life. Next, the investigation team also visited the Guangxi Frontier Nationalities Museum and interviewed Mr. Luo Jingchao, the national representative inheritor of "Napo Zhuang Folk Songs", who is also honored with the title of "Guangxi Folk Song King". The second stop was Jingxi city. The investigation team visited Jingxi Zhuang Museum, Jingxi Zhuang Brocade Factory and Jiuzhou Embroidered Ball Street. In Jingxi Zhuang Brocade Factory, they saw for the first time how the beautiful Zhuang brocade was woven. In Jiuzhou Embroidered Ball Street, they interviewed Ms. Huang Xiaoqin, an expert in making embroidered balls and a folk craftsman with the reputation of "Chinese Skillful Woman", to understand the production and related knowledge of embroidered balls, and visited the Jiuzhou Zhuang eco-museum. 
  The survey was strongly supported by Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism in Napo and Bureau of Culture, Sports, Radio, Television and Tourism in Jingxi and other relevant units and individuals. It once again deepened the investigation team's understanding of Zhuang ethnic culture and gained a lot of Zhuang cultural information, which laid a foundation for further research on Zhuang culture.  
Text: Song Qiulian

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