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Liang Xiaoyan Invited to Shoot Hani’s Ariza Bitter Festival in Yunnan
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  Invited by the team of "Rural Revitalization Image Project" of Yunnan University - Rural Eye in 2021-2022, Liang Xiaoyan, an associate professor of relics and museology, went to Qielongzhong village in Honghe, Yunnan Province from July 11 to 20 to shoot Hani’s Ariza Bitter Festival and discuss the development of village study hall. 
  With 51 households and over 200 population, Qielongzhong village is subordinate to in Puchun village, Zhahe County, Honghe. The local people are most familiar with the national intangible cultural heritage project - Hani polyphonic folk song, which spreads in several Hani villages around Puchun village. Hani people do not have their own words. Folk songs play an important role in production and life and become an important way of historical description and emotional expression of Hani people, and are gradually developed into a unique form of ethnic culture and art. The Ariza Bitter Festival, also known as the "Year of June", began on the first Pig Day in July of the lunar calendar (July 14 of the new calendar) and ended on July 18. Instead of going to the fields, the villagers put on their holiday costumes and gathered in groups to play. On the morning of the 14th, every family killed chickens, sacrificed pigs, entertained relatives and friends and carried holy water. On the 15th, cattle were slaughtered and sacrificed, and the swing was set up and played. The next few days were celebrations, singing seedling-planting song, dancing Lezuo (Happy work) dance.
 (Text/Photo: Liao Xiaoyan) 

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