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Field Investigation
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To Lingyun for Shooting of Ethnic Culture Documentary
Time:2021-06-15 Hit::1887 times

  From May 31 to June 6, 2021, the staff of the Ethnic Culture Research Department of the museum went to Lingyun county to shoot an ethnic culture documentary. 
  The film recorded in detail the demonstration process of ICH projects of five inheritors, including Chaoli Zhuang "Hougan" folk song, Yao trombone in Yuhong Township, manual papermaking in Luolou Town, Baihao tea making technology in Lingyun, Zhuang tiger shoes and goldfish hat making technology in Lingyun, etc. 
  The purpose of this documentary is to permanently preserve these endangered intangible cultural heritages with images and sounds and realize their due value. Compared with words and pictures, documentaries have more advantages in inheritance and promotion. After audio-visual art processing, ethnic cultural documentaries have a greater impact on society and audiences. They can further promote people to understand the excellent traditional ethnic culture, build a bridge for cultural interaction and communication between people of all ethnic groups, and forge the awareness of the Chinese national community.
Text: Wang Yucheng, Photo: Mai Xi

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