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Field Investigation
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To Longlin for Ethnic Cultural Documentary Shooting
Time:2021-04-07 Hit::2502 times

  From Mar 20 to Mar 26, 2021, the workers from Ethnic Culture Research Department has been to Long Autonomous County of Nationalities for the shooting of ethnic cultural documentaries.
  The shooting has recorded the process of 8 ICH producers, including the Zhuang Southern Panjiang Tone, Yi folk song, Zhuang Tuoniangjiang Tone, Miao Lusheng Dance, Zhuang sling technique, techniques of making black rice Zongzi, Beilu Zhuang drama and techniques of making Zhuang Gun dress (a kind of indigo-dyed & stone-rolled bright cloth dress with right lapel). 
  With the narrative technique of “oral history”, we interviewed and photographed the inheritors. As a participant and witness of the event, the inheritors told the relevant information about the national cultural projects they knew and engaged in, told the origin of their development, their own experience and the current situation of inheritance, excavated the historical and cultural connotation behind folk art, and told the life stories of folk artists. 

  This time, the selected shooting subject has prominent ethnic characteristics. It is shot in 4K high-definition format with a large amount of material, which has high collection, research and exhibition value, and further enriches the image database of the museum.

 (Text: Wang Yucheng; Photo: Hu Shuncheng) 

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