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Field Investigation
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Ms. Lu Qiuyan Invited to Field Investigation Work
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  From Mar 3 to 8, Ms. Lu Qiuyan, associate professor of relics and museology of Anthropology Museum of Guangxi, has been invited to attend the 6-day field investigation work of research and compilation project team of China's Mineral Geology·Guangxi Volume. The purpose of this investigation is to collect relevant materials, revise and improve the compilation of this book. The investigation content is divided into two parts: Dachang mining area of Nandan and Pinggui mining area of Hezhou. In the Dachang mining area of Nandan, the investigation team inspected the three ancient counties of Laohechi, Nandan and Nadi, as well as the ancient mining and smelting relics recorded in ancient literature, such as Gaofeng, Xinzhou, Taibaochong, Daxixui and Mengyingshan, and also visited the production workshops of modern factories and mines, such as Chehe, Tongkeng, Gaofeng and Lamo. In the Pinggui mining area of Hezhou, the investigation team inspected the mining relics of Xinlu, Shuiyanba, Shanhu, Laohuao, Huashan and other modern factories and mines. A large number of first-hand data of ancient mining and smelting remains and modern factories and mines in the above mining areas have been obtained in this survey, which is a complete success. 

(Author: Lu Qiuyan)

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