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Joint Exhibition of Year of the Ox Zodiac Cultural Relics Pictures
Time:2021-02-04 Hit::520 times

  Time: Feb 9 – May 9, 2021 
  Site: Round Corridor on the third floor

  The exhibition is divided into four parts: the first part is "Zodiac story", which introduces the source and flow of zodiac culture; the second part is "the story of the cattle", which shows the rich varieties of cattle in the natural world; the third part is "five oxen welcome the spring", which tells the implied meaning of farming, sacrifice, and containing floods through the cultivation of spring cattle, the channeling of divine cattle, the auspicious cattle, the interest of cattle herding, and the water control of bronze cattle; the fourth part tells "the cattle in the year of the ox", which presents cattle in folklore, arts and crafts, financial bull market through painting, paper cutting, sculpture and folk crafts.
  Cultural Relics Introductions

Tujia Ethnic People 12 Zodiac Brocade Pendant 

Laos Black Cloth Colorful Animal Brocade

Dong People's Silver Vracelet with 12 Zodiac Patterns

Ming Dynasty Bronze Drum with Flag & 12 Zodiac Patterns 

Vietnamese Shepherd Boy Riding a Bull and Playing Flute Puppet (water puppet show props)

Gilding Silver Chest Plate

  The museum has selected the "Tujia Ethnic People 12 Zodiac Brocade Pendant" and "Laos Black Land Colorful Animal Brocade" and other cultural relics containing the element of "cattle" to present a "cultural relics New Year gift" for you, wishing you a happy and prosperous year of the ox!

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