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Colorful Guangxi--Gorgeous Homeland
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  Located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, Guangxi is warm and humid all the year round, with the Tropic of Cancer running through its centre. Within it are stretching and undulating mountains and hills, flowing rivers, brooks, coasts and beautiful landscapes. People of each nationality have been working diligently on this picturesque field, living harmoniously, exchanging and building the great and unique homeland according to the geographical conditions from ancient to modern times. Today, in the time of building socialist ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the ecological and livable Guangxi is becoming prosperous. 

  Unit 1  Dreamland Pastoral
  Due to the diversified topographies within Guangxi like mountains, hills, plains and basin, the traditional villages with many beautiful scenes, distinct culture and various custom have been given birth to. Influenced by natural geographical conditions and historical origin, each nationality has gradually developed two types of folklore architecture: stilt house (the first storey is not for people’s living) and floor house (the first storey is the main living space).
  Unit 2  Busy Fair Towns
  Since the ancient time, Guangxi has developed super water transportation and many commercial roads. The ports and fairs have appeared in the course of long-term goods distributions and regulations of supply and demand and been gradually developed to county fair towns. They connect the downtown with the rural areas, being significant places for material exchange, cultural communication and emotional interaction for each nationality.
  Unit 3 Urban People's Livelihood
  The founding of city within Guangxi began in the Qin and Han dynasties (B.C. 206-202), prospered in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and almost formed its present layout for in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1912). The city’s site-choosing and developing focuses on mountains and waters with the pursuit of union of heaven and human. After transmission and creations from generations to generations, the cities of present Guangxi are harmonious and livable with thick culture and green ecology. 
  Everywhere of the villages, county fair towns and cities of Guangxi contains the harmonious living wisdom of man and nature, man and society and significant historical and culture values. In the new era of implementing rural revitalization and building a beautiful Guangxi, people of each ethnic group within Guangxi have persisted on the development route of transmission, creation, green and ecology, continuously carried forward the protection work on well-known cities, old towns and traditional villages, promoted the traditional culture, highlighted the local features and guarded the historical roots. 
  May everywhere of Guangxi is gorgeous homeland!

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