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Tour Exhibition of Documentary Film Held in Napo
Time:2020-09-22 Hit::3669 times

  From Sept 15 to 17, 2020, “Tour Exhibition of Documentary Film of Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum” has been to Napo Black-clothes Zhuang Eco-museum and displayed films in local villages.
  This tour displayed 5 documentary films of ethnic culture, including Making of Salty Noodles and Bunian Festival, completed by staffs of Napo Eco-museum and community villagers, and Huolong Kiln, made by Jingxi Zhuang Eco-museum. More than 100 people have participated and watched these films. 
  Napo Black-clothes Zhuang Eco-museum is located in Gonghe Village, Longhe Township, Napo County, Baise, Guangxi, its scope of protection covers 5 villages like Dawen, Dajin, Dahou, Madu and Guotao. The display & information data center is within Dawen village, contains a basic exhibition Black-clothes Zhuang in the Mountains. Black-clothes Zhuang is a branch of Zhuang ethnic group, its total population is over 50,000, mainly in southwest Guangxi, Napo County. The Black-clothes Zhuang still keeps the most complete and significant Zhuang features in clothes, silvery, folk song, festival, funeral and stilt-house culture, which have been considered as the “living fossil” of traditional Zhuang culture. 

  Since 2011, the Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum has made “Participatory Imaging” as the crucial means of carrying out “Cultural Memory Project” and launched the “Rural Documentary Film Training Play”. And Napo Black-clothes Zhuang Eco-museum motivate local villager to participate in it and finished more than 40 documentaries, which has effectively protected and transmitted the Black-clothes Zhuang culture.

 (Text/Photo: Hu Shuncheng)

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