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Researchers Going to Rongshui for Rural Image Work
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  From June 30 to July 6, 2020, the researchers from Anthropology Museum of Guangxi (AMGX) have been to Xiaosang Village, Antai County, Rongshui Miao Autonomous County, Liuzhou to assist the local villagers for photography, promote the later work of the sub-project “Rongshui Miao New Rice Festival” of corporate special project “China Festival Image Recording” entrusted by National Social Science Fund. They carried out a series of work like video showing and village history interview with local villagers.
  The villager image work in Xiaosang Village started in 2011. And the sub-project “Rongshui Miao New Rice Festival” was initiated in 2018. After a rough clipping, the film was showed in many places within the village and suggestions were gathered. The screening of the film has reinforced the understanding and support among the villagers. Their suggestions will be adopted in the editing of the film so as to display their cultural connotation of “New Rice Festival” from the perspectives of local villagers. As the Miao people within the Xiaosang Village has no common traditional characters, their history has been transferred totally by oral transmission, without any written document. The local screening feedback and village history interview plays an indirect role of cultural transmission. The photographers also learned the history and traditions from the senior people. A young rural photographer, Zheng Jianhong put that, “I have not noticed that the straw of the festival is not tied until this shooting, and not known the reason until now.” By village history interview, the rural photographer recorded the migration history, folklore legend with images, which left important data for the village and is significant in protecting and transmitting of village culture. 
  So far, the second stage of the project has been completed. The stage fruit has been showed in Xiatun of Xiaosang Village, the protagonist family have watched the film and put up their opinions. And interview of village history has enriched the context of the project. And then it steps into the third new stage.

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