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Research Reports Delivered in 2019 Annual Meeting of American Folklore Society
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      From Oct 19 to 19, 2019 Annual Meeting of American Folklore Society is held in Baltimore. As the fruit of Museum Ethnographic Field Research Workshop, the two workers from Anthropology Museum of Guangxi Fan Miaomiao and Liang Xiaoyan had papers published on it. But due to their absence, their reports had been delivered by Jason Jackson, Professor and Director of Mathers Museum of World Culture, Indiana University, and Doctor Zhang Lijun respectively. 
      The title of Fan Miaomiao’s report is Field Research on Dong Textiles in the Tongle Area of Sanjiang County. In this report, many ethnographic surveys had been done to the nearby villages of Dong textiles as well as its ICH heir. Major contents like Oriental textile art had been introduced, including the batik, embroidery and clothes-making, the use of utensils and making of materials. With the rise of machine-made Oriental textiles, the issues of continuity and cultural change should be the key focuses. 

      And the title of Liang Xiaoyan’s report is Imagination and Enlargement: Daily Performance and Life History in Ethnographic Video. The author recommended that any “performance” or “imagination” and potential “enlargement” by the director in the ethnographic video had been based on the director’s own experience and background, which was a single-trend processing of things before him. Taking the Sanjiang weaving, dyeing and embroidering heir as the shooting case, it narrated the relationship between “things from eyes” and “things from video” from the perspective of the director. 

(Text: Liang Xiaoyan & Fan Miaomiao; Photo: Zhang Lijun)

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