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Field Investigation
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To Guangdong Provinces for 2nd Bronze Drum Survey
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      From Jul 9 to 15, 2019, the project team of “Digital Recording & Research of Bronze Drums in the South of Five Ridges”, a sub-project of The National Social Science Fund of China, has been to Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Museum, Foshan Museum, Anthropology Museum of Sun Yat-sen University, Shunde Museum, Shenzhen Museum and Nanshan District Museum for bronze drum survey. Entirely there are 188 pieces of museum collection has been investigated. The relevant issues like origin of the bronze drums and research state have been put up by them. And many Beiliu bronze drums and half Lingshan bronze drums or their transitional types have been found, as well as some distinct ones and 2 Lengshuichong types with Yongjiang style, which is of great significance for the study of the origin of Beiliu type and Lingshan type. The aesthetic and cultural function, its change, its transmission and communication in the south of Five Ridges are of academic significance. 
(Text/Photo: Liang Yanli) 

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