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Field Investigation
Field Investigation
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Researcher Doing Field Survey in Dongzhong Town, Fangchenggang
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      From Apr 24 to May 14, 2019, the researcher of AMGX has been to Fangcheng District for southwest border field survey. This trip covers villages around 0-3 miles off the border and surveys the living of Zhuang, Han and Yao ethnic groups who live together in Nabang, Lengdong, Bangou, Dongzhong and Xinxu villages. And it is trying to explain the border recognition course among the people with their limited cultural resources in the course of southwest border development. The survey lasts 21 days and covers most of the villages, which has been the second survey of the key villages between the Beibu Gulf and Vietnamese land. 

(Text/Photo: Meng Qiuyue)

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