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Field Investigation
Field Investigation
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First-stage Bronze Drum Survey in Guangdong
Time:2019-03-19 Hit::5378 times

      From Mar 11-16, 2019, the chairperson of “Bronze Drum Digital Recording & Study in the South of the Five Ridges”, Nong Xuejian and former Director of the Museum of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Jiang Tingyu and researchers of AMGX went to places like Zhanjiang, Suixi, Lianjiang, Huazhou, Yangjiang and Yangchun for bronze drum survey.
      The survey team went to Zhanjiang Museum, Suixi County Museum, Lianjiang Museum, Huazhou Museum, Marine Silk Road Museum of Guangdong and Yangchun Museum to observe its collection of bronze drum, measure and take photos so as to comprehensively know the information and recognition of its types, so it is with other cultural relics of the same historical period.
      The survey had covered 31 bronze drums and known its origin, type, size and patterns, which is of great significance for the comparative study of bronze drums of the South of the Five Ridges. 

(Text/Photo: Liang Yanli)

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