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Promotion of History Museum Preparation Work in Baishan Village
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      As the essential content of cultural poverty-reduction, the construction of village history museum has been attached with great attention by Liang Zhimin, Secretary of CPC General Branch of AMGX, who has been giving great support and instructions to its preparation work. In the recent two-year development of the village, there has been huge change, which has been effectively recorded down by researchers of AMGX in time. Many of the written recording and photos of some cultural relics trace and living scene had been rare and precious data. The display of these data in the village history would be significant for the preservation the village culture. 

      From Jan 12 to 15, 2019, the curator and researcher of AMGX Tang Shaoling had been to Baishan village again to promote the preparation of village history museum. Much work like settlement of balances and signature confirmation with villagers must be finished before the Spring Festival (which symbolizes a new lunar year in China). The construction work had been prolonged due to recent raining. Tang communicated with workers to control the details and make the preparation work go smoothly. 

      In the exhibits collection course, the attitude of villagers has gone through rapid change, from passive to positive, from unconscious to supportive. Great gratitude should be attached to their positive support. The exhibits are plain but come from the villagers and correspondent with their masters, which realizes the display thought of “witnessing history and sentiment with items” of the curator. At present, the rubbing mounting and hanging on the wall and the exhibit interpretation work are being arranged by the curator, and other relative work is being promoted as well.

 (Text/Photo: Tang Shaoling)

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