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Field Investigation
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Sound Completion of Shooting Zhuang Marriage of “Baitang Serial Image Recording”
Time:2019-01-17 Hit::6271 times

      On Jan 5-7, 2019, the researcher of AMGX Liang Xiaoyan went to Baitang Village, Xialao Prefecture, Tian’e County for field ethnographic recording work to record the marriage of a Zhuang girl, Nong Meiliu, a long-term field reporter of the photographer. 

      This has been 4th film work of Liang Xiaoyan created independently in Baitang Serial Image Recording. According to long-term field survey experience and local conditions, the director designed the recording focusing on events rather than people so as to record the village groups according to time order in a full-scale and detailed real scenes. As the community archive, all rights of Baitang Serial Image Recording are reserved by the community residents. It is significant as an independent project of anthropological study long-term following survey as it extends the experimental course and practice of ethnographic films.

 (Text/Photo: Liang Xiaoyan)

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