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On-scene Preparation Work in Baishan Village History Museum
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      Baishan village belongs to Huangyao town, Zhaoping County, Hezhou city, Guangxi. It is a poverty-stricken village being assisted by Anthropology Museum of Guangxi (AMGX). The construction of village history and its survey are the important content of cultural poverty-reduction. Under the great support of Liang Zhimin, Secretary of CPC General Branch of AMGX, the preparation work of the village history is going smoothly and orderly. 
      From Nov 20 to Dec 6, 2018, the curator and researcher of AMGX Tang Shaoling went there for on-scene preparation work like preliminary construction work, review of exhibition contents and checking of exhibits. It was just the golden autumn. She also interviewed villagers about the feeling of bumper harvest and continued to fulfill the content of the village history museum. 
      At present, the construction work of its early structure is almost finished and its exhibition layout work comes the next. 
(Text/Photo: Tang Shaoling)

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