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Bronze Drums in Guangxi
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This book, mainly edited by President Qin Pu, compiled by Chinese Association for Ancient Bronze Drums Research and Anthropology Museum of Guangxi, presents 167 finest bronze drums unearthed in Guangxi, which are divided into 8 types: Wanjiaba, Shizhaishan, Lengshuichong, Zunyi, Majiang, Beiliu, Lingshan and Ximeng. Dedicated investigators, photographers and compilers make this book an artwork, with high level pictures of high resolution and accurate color, which retain the image and colour of bronze drums furthest, including entirety and parts.

This book delivers the the most comprehensive and the newest information about Guangxi bronze drums with vivid images and detailed caption to the readers, with accurate data includes: Guangxi Province is the area which has the largest number of bronze drum collection, the most complete types and the largest number of huge drums; all specific information about the selected bronze drums; special decoration and statues; the targeted introduction on research and “the home” of all the bronze drums. Its most efficient remedy to previous work is to present the colorful images of bronze drums and three-dimensional perceptions of decorations and statues, the historical ecosystem of Guangxi ancient bronze drums because of their province-wide distribution and the preservation situations of these drums to the readers, with the help of modern measuring and recording instruments. There are still lots of researchers and knowledge about bronze drums waiting to be deepened and expanded, in this respect, this book will play a role as a “tool”, providing what you need. 

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