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Service & Guide Booking
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Service Facilities:
GXMN have comprehensive service facilities: free use of automatic storage, medicine chest, baby strollers, wheelchair, crutches and umbrellas; charged personal interpretation service and audio guide service.
Free Service Items:
Wheelchair, baby strollers, umbrellas, crutches, medicine chest and automatic storage:
Wheelchair and baby strollers could be used with the deposit of valid certificate or 200 yuan, which could be returned after use.
Crutches and umbrellas could be used with the deposit of valid certificate or 50 yuan, which could be returned after use.
Charged Service Items:
Personal Interpretation Service:
Reservation Phone: 0771-2024599 (Tue. - Sun. 9:30-16:30 Please book at least two days in advance)
Reservation Contents: visiting time, unit name, the number of visitors, interpreters needed, interpreting language (Mandarin, Cantonese or English), contact name and number
The Number of A Group: one interpreter for a group no more than 30 persons (Interpreters will be decided by the booking situation of that day.)
Standard Fee: Mandarin or Cantonese interpretation charges for 100 yuan once a time (about 1 hour) while English interpretation for 150 yuan once a time (about 1 hour). 
To keep a quiet environment in the exhibition hall and to guarantee your visiting effect, a group under 30 persons could use automatic interpretation receptor. It could be obtained at the Visitor Service Center with the deposit of 500 yuan. And the deposit could be returned after returning. If the receptor is damaged or lost, the cost price, 700 yuan per one should be paid.

Automatic Audio Guide Service:
To meet the visiting demand of different visitors, GXMN provide charged automatic audio guide service, which could be rent and used as the followings.

1. Every audio guide could automatically receive signals and play the interpreted contents. If the signal is not well received, one could input the number of the exhibit manually to guarantee its normal reception.
2. The rental fee for every audio guide is 10 yuan. (One could choose the Chinese or English interpretation.) Each audio guide should be rent with the deposit of 200 yuan or valid certificate, which could be returned after returning the device, and relevant contact information would be recorded.  
3. Correctly use the audio guide. Before using, read the instructions or seek advice from the staff. Avoid artificial error which makes the device can't be used. Do not take the audio guide out of the museum, otherwise the alarm device at the gateways will be sounded.   
4. Please take care of the audio guide. Any artificial damage causing irreparable damage or lost should be compensated for 500 yuan/one. If the audio guide itself can't be used normally, please change it at the rental place.
5. Visitors who want to rent the audio guide should go to the Visitor Service Center.

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