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Visiting Tips
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1. The opening hours of the museum should be 9:30—16:30.
2. People who are disheveled, drunk or suffering from mental disorders are not allowed to enter. Visitors with pet, explosive, flammable, or any other dangerous items are not permitted to enter.
3. Visitors with bags shall go through security check.
4. Museum guide reservations should be made a working day ahead. Group visit should make an application 3 working days ahead. Our museum will arrange it for you according to our regulation.
5. Preschool children, pupil, the elderly or people with mobility difficulties may only enter the museum with accompany of adults.
6. Please take good care of the exhibition facilities and other public facilities. Do not touch the exhibits and other fragile items. Smoking, flash photography or fire are prohibited in the exhibition areas.
7. Keep the clean environment and sanitation. Be a polite visitor: No spitting. No littering. No climbing. Keep off the grass. Do not pick flowers.
8. No sale, leaflets distribution or poster here without permission.
9. Act in accordance with the national law and the relevant regulations of this museum. Any damage of the public property should be compensated according to the cost and any harm to others will bear the corresponding legal liability.

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