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Liang Zhimin
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Liang Zhimin is professor of relics and museology, Curator and Vice Secretary of CPC Committee of Anthropology Museum of Guangxi, member of Guangxi Traditional Village Protection & Development Expert Committee, standing director of Ancient Chinese Bronze Drum Study Committee and, used to be Secretary of CPC Committee of AMGX from 2009 to 2019.

He is mainly engaged in cultural relic and museum work and specialized in study of historical architecture, traditional village and folk culture. Recently, he presents the project “Traditional Village Survey in Zuojiang Huashan Rock Art Heritage Area (branch project of Huashan rock art applying world heritage)”. His village survey and professional papers have helped the successful application. He has published books like The Modern 100-year Architecture in Guangxi, The Study of Hakka Folk House in Guangxi. And The Modern 100-year Architecture in Guangxi has won the 3rd excellent achievement prize of the 13th Guangxi Social Science in 2014 and was recommended as national excellent social science popularization works in 2016 by National Social Science Popularization Work Committee. The Study of Hakka Folk House won the 2nd excellent achievement prize of the 15th Guangxi Social Science in 2018. In addition, he also participated in the edition of Chinese Traditional Architecture Interpretation & Transmission (Guangxi Unit). He also published a few papers on traditional architecture, ethnic cultural relics management and folklore culture. 

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