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         Eco-museum of Zhuang Nationality in Jiuzhou, Jingxi County was completed in August 2005. Its natural reserve contains many streets such as Jiuzhou and Xinan and the tangible and intangible cultural heritage. This eco-museum is composed of two parts: the display center and the original state of Jiuzhou.

        The display center is a comprehensive architecture which is a place for Zhuang culture display, cultural relics and data collection, office work and residence for researchers. The preserving of the original state of Jiuzhou requires that all the folk houses should be accommodated by the owners without change of its function and style. Meanwhile, attention is also attached to the protection of other architecture such as ancient sites, tombs, streets and drama stage. The intangible cultural heritage like the folk craft, songs and dances, literature, festival and rites could be kept through inheriting and developing.

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              Laying A Foundation

                    Opening on September 9

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                   Zhuang Song in Classroom

               Inheritant of Folk Craft

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