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1+10 Project of Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum
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        Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum does not only focus on the protection and display of tangible cultural heritage in Guangxi but also center on the protection, dissemination, display and development of intangible cultural heritage. Since the beginning of 2005, the construction of 1+10 Project of Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum had been initiated. And till the beginning of 2011, the information & display center of Jinxiu Yao Eco-museum had been completed and opened to the public, symbolizing an initial achievement in the construction of this project. However, this is just a small victory in the Long March. In the future, under the great background of "cultural development and prosperity" in China, more efforts will be made to the further development of Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum.

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Construction of Eco-museum Jinxiu Leaders Inspecting Jinxiu Aoyao Eco-museum
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Experts Inspecting Aoyao Experts Inspecting Aoyao
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Experts from GXMN Inspecting Model Household Experts from GXMN Inspecting Model Household
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Experts from GXMN Spreading Eco-museum Concept Experts from GXMN Choosing Site

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