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       On May 56, 2011, a grand opening ceremony was held for the opening of Jinxiu Aoyao Eco-museum, located in Xiagucheng village of Jinxiu Yao Autonomous County. Ms Qin Pu, Director of Guangxi Cultural Bureau and Deputy General Director of Guangxi Culture Department and Zeng Yan, member of standing committee and municipal Party committee, Director of Publicity Department and Deputy Mayor of Laibin city, attended the unveiling ceremony. This eco-museum is one of the 1+10 Project of Guangxi Ethnic Eco-Museum Development. The construction of it began on Oct 20, 2008 with an investment of 800,000 RMB. Its protection zone is Guchen village. Covering an 800-meter and 467 square meters of floor space, the display center has two stories. The first floor is the exhibition hall displaying the Outline of Jinxiu Yao Culture Exhibition which has five units: costume, daily life, singing & dancing, belief & skill and soul with Daya mountain. The second floor is the information & material hall, storage house for cultural relics, office and reception room. The completion of this eco-museum can not only make the primitive ecological environment and folk culture inherited and protected but also become an essential basis for the study of Yao culture at home and abroad.

        Jinxiu Aoyao Eco-museum is a symbol of the establishment of the largest eco-museum group in China -- 1+10 Project of Guangxi Ethnic Eco-Museum Development (1 represent Guangxi Museum of Nationalities, 10 is the 10 eco-museums distributed Guangxi). Following the concept of "Cultural Protection in the Original Area", this project had been started in 2003 and take the initiative to explore a national culture "unity" protection model in China. After eight years, the 10 eco-museums have been set up and opened to the public one after one. They are:
(1) Eco-museum of White-trousers Yao Nationality in Lihu, Nandan County
(2) Eco-museum of Dong Nationality in Sanjiang
(3) Eco-museum of Zhuang Nationality in Jiuzhou, Jingxi County
(4) Eco-museum of Hakka in Hezhou City 
(5) Eco-museum of Black-clothes Zhuang Nationality in Napo
(6) Eco-museum in Shangdao Ancient Village in Changgangling, Lingchuan County
(7) Eco-museum of Jin Nationality in Dongxing
(8) Eco-museum of Miao Nationalities of Antai, Rongshui County
(9) Eco-museum of Zhuang Nationality in Longji, Longsheng County
(10) Eco-museum of Aoyao Nationality in Guchenyao, Jinxiu County.
        From now on, Guangxi Museum of Nationalities and Guangxi Eco-museum Group will form a museum network for collecting, protecting, researching, inheriting and displaying Guangxi traditional culture, jointly protect the natural and humanistic environment, tangible and intangible cultural heritage as a whole and undertake the historical responsibilities of cultural protection and inheritance.

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