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Home > Eco-museums > Jing Eco-museum in Dongxing
Column Introduction
    With the three villages like Wutou, Wanwei and Shanxin as its protection zone, Jin Eco-museum in Dongxing is located in Jiangping town of Dongxing, Guangxi. Its display and information and data center is set in Wanwei village, taking an area of 17,067 square meters and 2,838 square meters. The center has the basic exhibition The Sea As Homeland-Jing Culture Exhibition in Dongxing of Guangxi. As the unique ethnic group of Guangxi, Jing had migrated to Guangxi in Ming and Qing dynasties in succession,. Mainly distributed in the three islands of Wutou, Wanwei and Shanxin, nearby Beibu Gulf of Dongxing, it has more than five hundred years of history till now. As the international ethnic group, Jing culture contains features of folk culture, border culture and marine culture. Its custom and culture like clothes, festivals, song fairs, single-string instrument, marriage and funeral rites are still kept and passed down, forming its own distinctive values and ideologies.
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