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Home > Eco-museums > Black-clothes Zhuang Eco-museum in Napo
Column Introduction
    Heiyi (Black-clothes) Zhuang Eco-museum in Napo is located in Gonghe village, Longhe county, Napo, Baise, Guangxi. Its protection zone covers five villages: Dawen, Dajin, Dahou, Madu and Guotao. Its display and information and data center is set in Dawen village with an area of 1,730 square meters and 964 square meters building areas and the basic exhibition Heiyi (Black Clothes) Zhuang in the Mountain. Self-named as “Min” (also Bu Zhuang), Heiyi (Black-clothes) Zhuang is a branch of Zhuang. Its total population is more than 50,000, mainly living in Napo county, the southwest of Guangxi. It considers black as beautiful and adopt black color in clothing and symbolizing its branch.
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2013-04-28 Villager Participation
2011-04-06 Display Center
2011-03-30 General Plan of Black-clothes Zhuang Eco-museum in Napo
2011-03-30 Villagers Participation
2011-03-30 Suggestions on Black-clothes Zhuang Eco-museum in Napo
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