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Home > Eco-museums > Hakka Eco-museum in Hezhou
Column Introduction
    Hakka circled house is the important carrier of the Hakka culture. In Liantang Town of Hezhou City, there remains many well-preserved circled house groups with unique Hakka architecture characteristics like Baihua the Chen’s, Renchong the Jiang’s old and new ones with three houses, Baihua the Jiang’s two houses and Baihua the old ones. The museum and information and data center are set in the Chen’s circled house in Baihua village, taking an area of 2020 square meters with 708 square meters building areas. The center has a basic exhibition Hakka People in Hezhou. The Hakka’s circled house has the function of poly family living, security and defense, resistance to wind and earthquake, warm in winter and cool in summer. With rich culture, it has exquisite carved beast decorations, antique and elegant furniture of Ming and Qing dynasties, rural workshop of centuries of vicissitudes, enthusiastic and bold Hakka songs and dances, unique Hakka diet and moving Hakka legends. Based on preserving their own cultural features, Hakka people absorb the excellent cultural fruits of other ethnic groups, which strengthens Hakka culture in Hezhou in having its own local characteristics. The Hakka people within the preserved eco-museum zone belong to Changle Hakka people from the language division. The well preserved folk culture like folk houses, clothing, funeral customs, festivals, the mode of productions and living and language achievement is a typical representative and classic epitome of Hezhou Hakka culture.
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2010-04-15 Eco-museum Display Center
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