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Home > Eco-museums > Zhuang Eco-museum in Jingxi
Column Introduction
    With its protection zone containing streets and villages like Jiuzhou street, Xinan street, Da street, Dongnei street, Dongwai street, upper Anma, lower Anma and Banuo, Zhuang Eco-museum in Jingxi is located in Xinjing town, Jingxi, Baise, Guangxi. Its display and information and data center is within Jiuzhou street, Xinjing town, Jingxi county, taking an area of 1,330 square meters and 700 square meters building area. The basic exhibition Jiuzhou History within it shows the economic and cultural situation like the history, ethnic clothes, production tools, folk custom and festivals and traditional craft. Jingxi is the densest place of Zhuang people. As the typical representative of southern Zhuang culture, it has thick connotation and great vitality.
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2011-02-17 Display Center
2011-02-17 Opening
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