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2021-06-22 Photo Exhibition of the Centennial History of the Communist Party of China
2021-02-04 Joint Exhibition of Year of the Ox Zodiac Cultural Relics Pictures
2021-01-06 Mr. Li Wei's Collection of Thangka Art Exhibition
2020-12-18 The Gorgeous China -- Clothing Exhibition of Buyi People in China
2020-11-16 Colorful Guangxi--Gorgeous Homeland
2020-09-11 Special Exhibition of Suzhou Garden Culture
2020-01-10 A World of Silks--Global Silk Art
2019-11-11 Tour Exhibition of Inscription Rubbings of Guangxi Ethnic Region
2019-09-29 Guangxi Clean Government Culture Exhibition
2019-08-06 Guangxi Revolutionary Cultural Relics Exhibition
2019-05-18 Walking to Zhou (Boat) Village
2019-05-10 Photo Exhibition of Guangxi Ethnic Eco-museum Development Achievement
2019-04-06 Zhuang Lunar March 3rd Photo Exhibition
2018-12-04 Special Exhibition of Qianlong Emperor from the Palace Museum
2018-10-12 Rubbings Exhibition of Deer Stone, Stone & Rock Art from Yili Prairie
2018-07-25 Development Course of Huangmei Opera in Hundreds of Years
2018-06-29 Quilting Arts and Tradition--People, Handcrafts, and Community Life
2018-04-20 Ili Folk Culture Exhibition
2018-02-07 Joint Photo Exhibition of the Chinese Zodiac Dog Culture
2017-01-20 Joint Photo Exhibition of Rooster Cultural Relics
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