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Guangxi Ethnic Silvery Accessory Exhibition  
This exhibition carefully selects 200 pieces (sets) of silvery items of the ethnic minorities of Guangxi and is divided into four parts: Miao Silvery, Dong Silvery, Yao Silvery and Zhuang Silvery, displaying the cultural connotations of silvery art and craft of the ethnic people of Guangxi. Through the exhibition, visitors are led into the silvery world to appreciate and taste the delicate and elegant ethnic art so as to promote the excellent traditional ethnic culture. This exhibition needs about 700 square meters of displaying area.
Contact: Research Dept. Branch One. Tel.: 0771-2024321
Guangxi Ethnic Weaving, Dyeing & Embroidering Treasure Exhibition  
Guangxi is a region mainly lived by Zhuang ethnic group. There are twelve ethnic groups: Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Dong, Mulao, Maonan, Hui, Jing, Yi, Shui and Gelao. This exhibition contains 90 pieces (sets) of carefully selected exquisite from the museum collections to show the brocade-weaving, dyeing and embroidering technique of Guangxi ethnic groups. It takes you to the deep mountains to enjoy the colorful, unique clothing culture, simple but strong ethnic custom. It has been successfully displayed in Museum National Indonesia. It needs an area of 500-800 square meters for exhibition.
Contact: Research Dept. Branch One. Tel.: 0771-2024321
Baby-carrying Strap Exhibition  
Maternal love is the eternal theme in artistic expression and has been adopted by the artists as the subject of creation. It is not about artistic works here but about the the grandmothers and mothers in the mountainous areas of Guangxi who have created the gift -- babycarrying strap for the newborn baby with their loving hearts and deft hands.
Babycarrying strap, also named back carrier and qiang in the ancient time, is the cloth for carrying baby on the back. One can see mother carrying baby everywhere in the mountainous areas of Guangxi, in the fields, in the winding roads and in the crowded market. The babycarrying straps have vacated their hands to do washing and cooking, spinning and weaving, farming and harvesting. It is also convenient for them to tramp over the mountains and operate the farming tools. Babycarrying strap is the second umbilical cord after birth and the embryonic membrance for mothers to raise their children. The child grows up in the babycarrying strap one after another while the mother's back bends bit by bit and the babycarrying strap becomes worn out but is still full of maternal love. Please follow our steps walking to the villages of Guangxi to get to know the custom in the ethnic minority areas and experience the warm maternal love.
Contact: Research Dept. Branch One. Tel.: 0771-2024321
Exquisite Zhuang Brocade Exhibition  
As the representative of Zhuang culture, Zhuang Brocade is a miracle of Chinese national culture. The Zhuang brocade art tends to be mature in Song dynasty and prospers in Ming and Qing dynasties. It is popular among Zhuang areas and had been the royal tribute if history. This exhibition carefully selects 80 pieces (sets) of Zhuang brocade items. Through its origin, function, patterns and craft, the Zhuang brocade culture is known, leading you to the spiritual cultural world of Zhuang and to enjoy the Zhuang culture, an ethnic group with the most population. This exhibition needs an area of 600-800 square meters.
Contact: Research Dept. Branch One. Tel.: 0771-2024321
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