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Colourful Guangxi  
It mainly introduces the traditional culture of the twelve native nationalities in Guangxi. It pays attention to the features of the excellent traditional ethnic culture in Guangxi with its basis on the integrity and displays the unique flavor and charm of Guangxi ethnic culture in the one organic whole but multiple-pattern of Chinese culture. This exhibition contains one "Preface" and four exhibition areas: "Homestead", "Ethnic Costumes", "Fine Arts and Craft", "Traditional Custom". And they respectively exhibit the basic situation of nationalities in Guangxi, living environment, production and life manners, dyeing, weaving and clothes, folk craft, festivals, life rituals, songs, dances and dramas, religious belief.
Gorgeous Homeland  
Located in the subtropical monsoon climate zone, Guangxi is warm and humid all the year round, with the Tropic of Cancer running through its centre. Within it are stretching and undulating mountains and hills, flowing rivers, brooks, coasts and beautiful landscapes. People of each nationality have been working diligently on this picturesque field, living harmoniously, exchanging and building the great and unique homeland according to the geographical conditions from ancient to modern times. Today, in the time of building socialist ecological civilization with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the ecological and livable Guangxi is becoming prosperous.
Gorgeous Garments  
The 12 ethnic groups inhabited Guangxi for generations boasts diverse and gorgeous costumes which look like the brilliant sunshine, primitive and old-line textile technology which is like the everlasting stars. They add infinite color for Chinese garments and showcase various garment characteristics and cultural features. The New Gorgeous Garments Exhibition will adopt new display modes to present a new appearance to the viewers and explain the brilliant ethnic cultures and arts of Guangxi. From silk worms to spinning wheels and looms, from ordinary cloth-made garments to splendid silk products and embroideries, they have gone through the history and society, and showed the unique charm of national culture and art in the long course of tradition and history.
Bronze Drum Culture  
The bronze drum is a ritual musical instrument, which has been popular in southern China and Southeast Asia for over 2,000 years. During the long historical process of development, it has been closely connected with society, economy and cultural life of ethnic groups in the local area, which has in turn fostered the unique bronze drum culture. Once as a symbol of power, it has been widely used in exhibitions, rallies, allies, battle arrays, sacrifices, entertainment and funerals etc. as a sacrificial or entertainment tool. Meanwhile, the bronze drum is a type of comprehensive artwork, integrating smelting, casting, painting, sculpturing, music and dance into one organic whole. Its original shape and rich patterns reflect the then economic condition, cultural feature and mental quality of the ethnic groups that cast it. It can be reputed as an encyclopedia of nationality history. Up to now, over 2,000 bronze drums in various categories, spanning the late Spring and Autumn Period and the late Qing Dynasty, have been discovered in Guangxi. The number ranks the first in the world. From the Book of the Later Han, or Hou Han Shu in Chinese, numerous records can be found about the casting and using bronze drums in the Guangxi area. Till now, the bronze drum custom is still popular among minorities in Guangxi. The well-established bronze drum culture converges the ancestors' wisdom of all nationalities and shines the glory of Guangxi's civilization and history.
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