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Colourful Guangxi
Colorful Guangxi -- Guangxi Ethnic Culture Exhibition mainly introduces the traditional culture of the twelve native nationalities in Guangxi. It pays attention to the features of the excellent traditional ethnic culture in Guangxi with its basis on the integrity and displays the unique flavor and c...
Bronze Drum Culture
The bronze drum is a ritual musical instrument, which has been popular in southern China and Southeast Asia for over 2,000 years. During the long historical process of development, it has been closely connected with society, economy and cultural life of ethnic groups in the local area, which has in ...
Guangxi Ethnic Silvery Accessory Exhibition  
This exhibition carefully selects 200 pieces (sets) of silvery items of the ethnic minorities of Guangxi and is divided into four parts: Miao Silvery, Dong Silvery, Yao Silvery and Zhuang Silvery, displaying the cultural connotations of silvery art and craft of the ethnic people of Guangxi. Through ...
Guangxi Ethnic Weaving, Dyeing & Embroidering Treasure Exhibition  
Guangxi is a region mainly lived by Zhuang ethnic group. There are twelve ethnic groups: Zhuang, Han, Yao, Miao, Dong, Mulao, Maonan, Hui, Jing, Yi, Shui and Gelao. This exhibition contains 90 pieces (sets) of carefully selected exquisite from the museum collections to show the brocade-weaving, dyei...
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