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Field Investigation

[12-07] Village History Museum Preparation Work in Baishan...
[12-06] Specialized Museums Walk a Fine Line
[12-06] Homecoming Scenes
[11-06] Surveying Bronze Drum Culture in Guizhou
[09-29] Ethnic Survey in Qinzhou, Yulin & Hezhou
[09-27] Doing Animal Bone Identification in Nanning Museum
[09-12] Surveying in Ningming & Longzhou for A Book
[09-11] Documentary Shooting in Xilin County
[08-27] Doing Folklore Survey in Villages of Fangchenggang...

Public Notice  

[01-10] Notice of Opening Time in 2019 Spring Festival Hol...
[12-20] Notice of Opening in 2019 New Year Holiday
[12-06] Notice of Opening in Holidays of the 60th Annivers...
[09-25] Notice of Opening in 2018 National Day Holiday
[09-17] Notice of Opening in 2018 Mid-autumn Festival
[09-07] Notice of Closing
[06-11] Notice of Opening at 2018 Dragon Boat Festival
[04-24] Notice of Opening in 2018 May Day Holiday
[04-14] Notice of Opening in Zhuang Mar 3 Holiday

Guangxi Museum of Nationalities (GXMN), the third regional level museum, is a special museum of the ethnic culture with the largest exhibition area and fairly complete facilities in Guangxi. The construction project of GXMN was...
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